San Francisco and Bay Area Buyers’ Services

Whether you’re looking for an oceanside villa, downtown luxury, a private retreat, or an investment property, you’ll need a San Francisco Bay Area real estate agent with the expertise and exclusive connections throughout the Bay Area to guide you.

San Francisco and Bay Area Real Estate Freedom Awaits.

Let us help you find your San Francisco dream home. Whether you’re looking to maximize a new acquisition or buy your first home, Richard Sarro can give you access to the most exclusive homes in the Bay Area. From property identification to final closing, you’ll have a partner who understands the intricacies of this beautiful place he calls home.

Why Richard Sarro?

Unmatched Experience

Partner with 16 years of Bay Area real estate experience. Exclusive connections and insider knowledge help guide you on every step of your home search. With Richard Sarro, we deliver on the loftiest real estate goals possible.

Personalized Service 

Utilize a multi-faceted real estate staff who handles your transaction, finance, and administration needs. Receive clear answers to your questions and reach your realtor when needed.

White-glove real estate services paired with data-driven, empathetic, and transparent communication ensure the highest standard of service in the industry. From property location to escrow and beyond, we understand how important this decision is for you.

The Most Advanced Technology

Discover an exclusive, sophisticated, and committed real estate team who embodies the tech-savvy nature of the Bay Area. You need a team who implements creative and strategic solutions.

Access a state-of-the-art tool suite that informs you about market shifts and potential risks. With Richard Sarro, it’s not about the frills, it’s about the results.

Local Roots

Rely on a realtor raised in the Bay Area and who understands how to tailor the real estate buying process to your luxury needs.

Receive guidance surrounding price ranges, local markets, and property types—access detailed market analyses so you feel confident in your decision. Our extensive local roots help ensure you get access to the most exclusive properties at a fair price.

Clear Guidance

You’ll want to understand the nature of your investment thoroughly. Disclosures are a requirement of any real estate sale. We will review all required and recommended disclosures with the buyer and follow-up to ensure the buyer understands the seller's disclosure package before signing anything.

Inspection Assistance

Team up with a real estate partner who understands how meticulous the buying process can be. With a list of qualified inspectors and a detailed analysis, we can identify the items that require correction together. You will also receive advice on whether you can pursue credits or repairs from the seller or whether you should let the property go.

Closing Assistance

Your escrow process should be smooth. That’s why we are with you every step of the way and by your side when you sign the closing papers. Our personalized approach means you can reach us anytime to discuss last-minute details or concerns.

Your Dream Home Awaits. Let’s Find It Together.

No tastes or home-buying goals are too lofty or refined with Richard Sarro. Call us today and schedule a meeting.

Whether your upcoming investment represents a threshold-crossing life transition or a strategic acquisition, I can create a plan to suit your needs and personality. I am highly experienced in navigating the maze of today’s market from start to finish, including property identification, lending options, negotiations, escrow, and final closing.



Technology. We live in the heart of the high-tech world and use the most current and evolved technology to stay informed about the market and manage your purchase. I connect through your preferred technology to ease communication and match your lifestyle.

Local Connections. I understand the San Francisco and Bay Area real estate markets. I live and work here every day! I will help you determine which price ranges, neighborhoods, and property types best fit your needs. When it’s time to make an offer, I’ll provide unrivaled guidance, detailed market information, and analysis to help you close the best deal.

Personal Guidance. Think of me as your private concierge. I will help you review disclosure documentation for the properties you like and establish the right offer price and terms. I will then present your offer in the most favorable light, using unique and creative methods acquired over the years.

Inspection Assistance. Every property is worth a closer look. And I will provide you with my analysis, provide a list of qualified home inspectors, and attend inspections with you. Suppose the inspections reveal items that require correction. In that case, I will advise you on whether I think it’s feasible to pursue credits, ask for the seller to make repairs, or, in necessary circumstances, advise on letting the property go.

Closing Assistance. I’ll monitor the entire escrow process to ensure a smooth experience. And when it’s time to sign closing papers, I will be available to handle any last-minute details. I’ll even spring for coffee at the end of the signing!


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