As first time buyers both my wife & I were completely clueless about homes & home ownership so we were very nervous at first, but Richard put us at ease after our very first house visit. He is extremely thorough in his evaluation of a house. He walks you through every inch of the house and lays out what is good & bad about the house and what it would cost you to make changes/fix the house.

Having someone break down the house like that made our decision making very easy. Richard is very responsive to queries any time of the day and patiently answered all of our questions. He went above and beyond to secure our first home in this hyper competitive market. The seller's agent wasn't responding to any of the queries regarding our offer, so Richard went to the agent's office personally and got us an opportunity to renegotiate our offer price! Without Richard's heroics we wouldn't have become the proud home owners that we are today. Thank you for everything Richard!

– Madhusudhanan Palani and Bhavana Radhakrishnan, Purchase 4969 Roselle Cmn, Fremont