Richard Sarro is fantastic! We met with a number of real estate agents, and we chose Richard because, in addition to being knowledgeable, he is enthusiastic and realistic. He educated us, he helped us prep, and, when the time came, he moved quickly and confidently to make the deal happen.

Richard was with us every step of the way, and we always felt like we mattered. He is patient and thorough, with a good sense of humor. This is our first home, and we always felt we could ask Richard anything. His enthusiasm and positive outlook really helped us stay in the game and find the house we really wanted. We never felt pressured. The decision was ours, and Richard wholeheartedly supported our choices.

We called Richard at 5:00pm about a house we knew we wanted. An hour later, he met us at the house and toured it with us, inspecting the roof, exterior, interior, foundation, and more.  The house looked great.  He helped us put together a strong offer we felt comfortable with, and by mid-morning the next day our offer was accepted.

Richard is the point person of a whole community of exceptional professionals dedicated to helping people make homes for themselves.  From loan underwriters to electricians and painters, we always felt like there was a whole team who had our back. He is enthusiastic, he knows the ropes, and he is a tough competitor.  More importantly, Richard is responsive and caring, and he was committed to helping us get the home we wanted. We are thrilled!

– Rachel Flynn, Purchase 1301 Belfair Dr., Pinole