Over the years we have bought and or sold over a dozen houses in California as well as the east coast, more than 25 separate real estate transactions utilizing numerous agents. We have never found an agent as good (make that great) as Richard. His knowledge of the market, assistance in structuring our successful offer, and understanding our unique needs and desires allowed us to find our dream home. His strategic approach allowed us to win a spirited competition so we could buy that home. But perhaps most telling is that the settlement has been just the start, rather than the end, of his incredible commitment to client service. After we closed he has been there at every turn, helping us work through the various projects we want to do. He has a great network of talented contractors who he has recruited to our job.

Having had careers that were based on client service, we would hold Richard out as a model that every client oriented business person should emulate. We cannot envision a better experience, from day one to the present, then we have had with Richard. Without any reservation or doubt, we would heartily recommend Richard to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

– Steven Ross, Purchase 5878 Birch Ct., Oakland