As all the reviews have already said, Richard is very knowledgeable, reliable, well-connected, and detail oriented. We, like many others, had a lot of boxes we wanted to check with our home purchase and were also on a limited budget for the current market state. Richard was able to close a deal for us at literally the 11th hour on a Saturday night right before the Sellers had an open house scheduled for the next morning. He persuaded them to accept our offer and cancel the open house. He even got them to agree to cover the cost of thousands of dollars of repairs that were outstanding on the home.

Richard is on-call seemingly 24/7, responding almost instantaneously to any issues or questions you may have and always has a solution ready. As first time home buyers and having very little DIY experience, Richard's above-and-beyond working style has been invaluable. We have a wide variety of different home improvement projects we'd like to do and Richard has had detailed recommendations for each one of them, as well as ballpark estimates for what they would cost.

Now that we've closed on our home, Richard is still helping us with things like contractor recommendations and even different home furnishing options. He's extremely hands-on and met us at our home in person to introduce us to one of his colleagues who helps him with landscaping work. He arrived an hour early to go over anything that we weren't totally satisfied with in the home. For example, there was a light switch panel that he had noticed wasn't installed correctly so he took it off the wall and fixed it for us while we waited for the landscaper.

Richard goes well beyond obligation, expectation, or even our imagination of what a Realtor does. Would recommend to anyone buying a property in the Bay Area.

– Steven Farberov & Jessica Leung, Purchase 589 56th St., Oakland