Rockstar!  That is the word that comes to mind.  He knows the market, and knows how to pull-off the seemingly impossible.  When we first started looking all we heard were ?horror stories from our friends who were looking or who had managed to buy.  Even other realtors were very dismissive of our chances to get into a home.  We were coming to the market with a few strikes against us.  A long period of military service, followed by medical school and residency - left us with little money for a down payment, and reliant on a VA loan to find our home.  Lendors and realtors alike ran screaming or at least tried hard to talk us into other options.  Not Richard!  He was a champ!  He not only was convinced we could make it happen but was super enthusiastic?. Our lender even said that he was the best agent he has ever worked with.  Oh yeah... did I mention we used an out of state lender?  We found a house (that was off-market) within less than a month, and were closing on it just as fast.  As if that wasn't enough - he expertly has been guiding us through a host of renovations.   I can't recommend? him highly enough!

– Andrew Chacko, Purchase 55 Red Rock Way., #112, San Francisco