If you want a true professional, use Richard as your realtor. Points: *Listens to you and makes certain he clearly understands your requirements. *Gives his experienced view of your plan and elements therein; what will work, what may not and if necessary provides options that support your main goal. *Has a depth of resources to help address any issues that arise; staging, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, financial resources and on and on. * HE MAKES HIMSELF AVAILABLE, responds quickly to any communication(s). He knows the market in great depth yet if there is anything he doesn't know he says so and gets answers. *Respects your time. * Follows through and follows up on matters that present themselves. Buying or selling, he is your go to person. Would I use him again?  In a heartbeat!    Dianne W

– Dianne Withelder, Sale 1415 Indiana St., #203, San Francisco